Why Trade Allocated Physical Precious Metal?

The unique properties of ​allocated​ physical precious metal allow you to ​diversify your investment portfolio​. Please ​click here​ for in-depth research on portfolio diversification and the benefits of allocating a portion of your investment portfolio into physical gold silver or platinum.

Other precious metal paper contracts, otherwise known as ‘unallocated' contracts, such as OTC trades and CFDs, allow you to get exposure to the price action of the metal, but not own legal title to the underlying physical asset. As the holder of an unallocated contract you are an unsecured creditor of the counterparty who sold you the contract. Allocated precious metal is a safe haven investment asset that withstands financial crises to preserve wealth indefinitely. The counterparty risk associated with unallocated trading does not give these paper contracts the same safe-haven status.  

With Bullion Capital ​you hold allocated title to your gold, silver or platinum investment. This ensures that your ownership remains intact and that your investment is always your outright legal property; you have made a true safe haven investment.

Portfolio Diversification:

  • Allocations to precious metals as an asset class have been proven to reduce risk for any level of expected returns. Precious metals have a long history as a store of value, while remaining relatively uncorrelated with the market. These features make precious metals highly useful as both a hedge against inflation and as a protector from deflation.
  • Being virtually indestructible and having no liability attached to it, physical gold has preserved wealth as a safe haven asset throughout the ages.
  • Please click here for in-depth research on how portfolio allocation and investment in gold improves the risk/return ratio of of an investment portfolio.

Physical Bullion:

  • Stored in world-class vaults - a tangible physical asset, not a paper contract.
  • Title allocated to investor, meaning complete ownership and control is retained over your investment.
  • Withdraw your bullion at any time.

Global Trade:

  • Trade and take delivery of physical metals in locations around the world, including Australia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Dubai, London, Zurich & New York.
  • 7 global trading hubs provide you the ability to instantly shift your wealth around the world by selling your holdings in one vault and buying again in another.