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Bullion Capital Global (BCG) offers a physical bullion market, with an online trading platform for precious metal traders and investors. Try MetalDesk with no obligations:

Metaldesk Bullion Trading and Investing Platform

Physical Bullion

Stored in world class vaults, not a paper contract. Withdraw your bullion at any time. Retain complete ownership and control over your investment


Stored and insured by Malca-Amit & Armaguard, verified by Inspectorate, audited by BDO. Simply the most secure physical bullion investment solution

Global Trade

Trade physical metals in 9 locations around the world, including Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne & Brisbane

Our Brokers

Alpha Broking Mount William Investment Group Sharps Pixley Vertical Financial Solutions E-Superfund SMSF Warehouse Jevon's Global

Tight Spreads

(1oz Gold Bar)

Leading Bullion Mint


Leading Bullion Dealer




Gain access to the most competitive spreads available.

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Platform Features

Order Execution

Our order management and matching engine provide low latency routing and matching, enabling clients to buy and sell at the best prices, as the market moves in real-time.


Through one consolidated interface, users can execute trades, manage orders, monitor physical holdings and generate reports, all in real-time.


Being a web-based platform, clients can access MetalDesk from anywhere, bringing previously unknown investment accessibility.

  • Real-time price discovery
  • Full market depth
  • Live pricing and instant order execution
  • Order management
  • Holdings management
  • Full financial and trade reporting suite
  • Customisable watchlists
  • Automated email reporting functionality
  • FIX API Gateway
  • Dedicated support team

Top Selling Bullion

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Item Bid Offer Location
Gold 1Kg Bar
Hong Kong
Silver 1Kg Bar
Silver 100oz Bar
Gold 10oz Minted Bar
Silver 1oz Austrian Philharmonic Coin
Hong Kong
Gold 1oz Canadian Maple Leaf Coin

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